Nesting During Divorce

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Divorced couple making it work for their kids by 'nesting'’s Featured Articles written by lawers concerning Divorce and all it’s issues that might concern you.

Connatser Family Law clients often ask, what's the optimum period of time for a nesting arrangement. The answer? The shortest period of time possible.

Learn the pros and cons of nesting plans for divorce, also known as bird nest … the entire time and the parents rotating in and out during their parenting time.

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There is a new term that is being used during the divorce process. The term is “nesting” or “bird nesting.” This label is given to parents who are willing to allow their children to remain in the family home while the divorcing parents take turns living in the family home and in another location.

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Jul 27, 2017 … Although parents who are divorcing can rest in knowing children can … to manage the difficult transition during a divorce is called nesting.

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