International Custody Law

International moves, however, come under more scrutiny, considering reasons for the move, distance, and conditions in the destination country. The other two relevant areas of family law are those that ensure that relocation and custody questions areas are decided in the state or country where the child has been living.

The Hague Convention and Child CustodyInternational custody disputes typically involve a child brought to Texas from another country. These matters are governed by federal law and are crucial for a  …

International Child Custody and Abduction Laws Oftentimes after parents separate or divorce, they have ongoing custody disputes. Some of the most difficult custody disputes involve one parent’s decision to wrongfully remove a child from his or her home country, or retain the child in a foreign country, without the other parent’s consent.

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International custody disputes are very difficult to navigate for parents, attorneys, and government officials. while unfortunate, you may need to consider temporarily moving to the country where your children have been relocated until the matter is resolved, since international child custody cases can be quite lengthy.

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A federal law affecting international and interstate custody disputes is the Parental Kidnapping Prevention Act (PKPA). This Act specifically prohibits the kidnapping of children by parents across state and national borders. Some state courts have viewed the PKPA as "trumping" state laws regarding custody disputes.

This article provides an overview of the laws relating to international child abductions and move-away cases.

International child custody sounds like a specialty within a specialty, and … The essence of custody jurisdiction and child abduction law is that a parent is not …

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