Grandparents Getting Custody

Visitation. There are a number of factors that the court takes into account before granting grandparents visitation rights. Browse through the pages below to get answers to common visitation questions.

Aug 27, 2018 … Grandparent custody comes in different forms, and the legal terms for these … Grandparents should get a power of attorney, also called a POA, …

Courts generally affirm that parents have the legal right to care for and determine what is best for their children. When a third party, including grandparents, …

Grandparent CustodyWhen this happens, however, grandparents still may need to overcome attempts by other family members to get custody of a child. Competing claims for custody …

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Grandparent-grandchild closeness can be influenced by six factors, but the desire of grandparents for a close relationship is the most important of all.

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In certain instances, grandparents may want to get custody of grandchildren. Learn about circumstances under which grandparents may win custody.

Grandparents in every state have legal rights, depending on several factors, to be awarded custody of their grandchildren or to be awarded court-mandated visitation with their grandchildren.

Grandparents who find themselves responsible for grandchildren should know about the different types of temporary custody available for grandparents.

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