Dog Custody Agreement

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The Basics: What is a Pet Custody Agreement? Family hugging pet dog Kids and assets are often the focus in a separation or divorce. But don't forget about your …

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These agreements can be used for any type of pet, from a dog to a cat to a hamster. A Pet Custody Agreement will have all of the information the two parties  …

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A Pet Agreement, also known as a Pet Custody Agreement, is a contract that outlines the care of a pet or pets that initially lived with two owners (generally a couple or roommates) and is now living with one owner permanently, or both owners separately through a visitation schedule.

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Pet Custody Disputes: A Legal PrimerJun 11, 2018  · In this case, Rosenblum said, the judge seemed about ready to order the two humans to sell the dog and split the money when the couple worked out an eleventh-hour arrangement to share custody.

This agreement can be used to establish custody and care for any type of household pet, such as a dog, cat, snake, lizard, or a larger animal like a horse.

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